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Miniature ships … what a passion!

The MERCURIO ship has been the first ship model that I have constructed entirely made of plastic.
No hull, frames and plating but an ABS vacuum-form moulding, while the bridge houses are box-shaped always made of ABS.
It has not been so simple to accommodate into the hull all the devices and batteries necessary for radio-controlled navigation, since the hull is narrow and long and I could not exceed the weight otherwise I would have gone under the waterline and this would not have been beautiful to see.

The “MERCURIO” model has the following dimensions:

1250 mm of length
350 mm from the keel to the mast head
215 mm of width
weight: nearly 6.5 kg.

Like “GLADIATOR”, “MERCURIO” is equipped with an electric system which, using about ten lamps, lights the internal and external parts of the bridge houses, of the control deck and of the small mast present on the ship.
The model has been spray painted by means of an aerograph and using flat paints for car bodies. Once the decals of the optical badges have been placed on the hull sides and on the deck, two coats of catalysed flat transparent paint have been applied so as to better protect the paint during the navigation at the pond.
The model is not a reproduction of a really existing ship, but it is only an “exercise” I wanted to do when, some years ago, people talked about the eventual military future of “DESTRIERO”. Do you remember it? The attempt, reached on the way home, to win “NASTRO AZZURRO” (the speed record for the Atlantic crossing) organised and leaded by Cesare FIORIO.

I perfectly remember my first crossing.
After all the tests carried out in the bath of my home, finally my ship would have gone away from me, I would have steered it remotely only using the radio joystick…me on the shore and my ship in the middle of the pond.
I was hesitant.
Well, my son Luca (at that moment he was 11) was better than me and, showing the ability of a sea dog, skilfully piloted MERCURIO backwards and forwards, to the left and to the right, across the whole pond.

The ship’s evolutions caused confusion in the carps and goldfish undisturbed until that day.   Up to when all the batteries, including the spare ones, were used.

And with this beautiful memory I wish a good navigation to everyone!!



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