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Miniature ships … what a passion!

Created at the beginning of the ‘90s, this is my third model as a hobbyist; the first one, unforgettable (as all the “first times”), has been “BRAGOZZO”, an Adriatic fishing boat; the second one was the mother ship for divers “RAMPINO” and then the fourth one is the patrol boat “MERCURIO”.
GLADIATOR and MERCURIO were navigating models; now GLADIATOR is only static while the MERCURIO ship is still operating.

The “GLADIATOR” model has the following dimensions:
1120 mm of length
750 mm from the keel to the mast head
285 mm of width
weight: nearly 12 kg.

After the elimination of all the navigation devices, it maintains its electric system which, using 30 3W lamps, lights the internal and external parts of the bridge houses, of the helm and of the ship mast.
The hull, the frames and the plating have been covered with aluminium sheets to simulate steel sheets.
These sheets have been obtained by cutting numerous tins, after having drained them, while all the super-structures are made of plastic.
The model has been brush painted using water-based acrylic colours. Afterwards, it has been moderately “aged” by adding rust and dirt stains.
By ageing the model I made an important choice, since according to the rules of the Navimodel International Federation, the works presented at the various championships must be painted as they were just come out of the shipyard. And therefore without being aged!!
Aware of this fact, I attended the 2000 Italian Championship held in CASTELLANZA (VA) and, despite 5-6 points less for the above mentioned reason and for the fact that the annexed documentation was not sufficient, “GLADIATOR” obtained 89 points, a bronze medal, with only one point of difference with respect to the silver medal, and was selected for participating to the 2001 European Championships.
And this is not the only gratification, many others are granted to me each time that I attend exhibitions and someone in the public comes close to my model, looks at it, smiles, talks with the person who accompanies him, asks me some information, makes some questions and, finally, before leaving, congratulates me and shakes my hand.

I have attended many exhibitions but every time it is an emotion for me!

I would like to thank the S.E.R.S. of Ravenna which allowed me to visit the real “GLADIATOR” in all its details and to make a photo reportage without which I would have never had the possibility to examine all the details.
Thanks to its crew, and especially to CARLETTO, the mechanic of Marina di Ravenna, who guided me.



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