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{loaposition bragozzo}

I want to dedicate a little 'history in this model, not to tell his building, I made following the step-by-step technique of dry docks, that folding the timber with water and fire and sealing the hull with pitch black, not to tell you that this is my first model ship and for me it's like the famous Number One for Scrooge McDuck, but simply to tell the story of this boat as well as having raised generations of fishermen is also famous for having "given a lift " Garibaldi and Anita fugitives in the Po delta.

Very picturesque for its decorative bow on the bulwarks and the colorful sails, the Bragozzo was the most common fishing boat between 1800 and il1950, used both along the coast and offshore. Its origins are very remote: the area of origin can restrict in Chioggia, from where it spread along the Venetian coast and in the Adriatic.
The bragozzi were used exclusively for fishing, were rarely used for the transport of goods or persons.
These boats usually worked in pairs proceeded in parallel by dragging the large trawl lowered aft between the two boats.
The hull is flat bottomed and therefore suitable for shallow water, was characterized by rounded shapes, with high prow and swollen, while the stern was squat and falling. Equipped with large hatches, the bragozzo, was armed with one or two shafts fitted with lug sails.
Given that considerable efforts had to endure the rudder was very robust and equipped with many transverse reinforcement iron. It must be remembered, in fact, that the flat-bottomed boats, the rudder gave stability to the boat, and thus was subject to very great stresses especially in bad weather. On board these boats, the breaking of the rudder was the most common and dangerous problem. Without it, in fact, the boat has no keel, was at the mercy of wind and sea.

The sails were painted and adorned with drawings of various kinds and of different inspirations (religious, seafaring, astronomy), is employed colors readily available as ocher, brick red, black, brown, rarely blue or green.
From the variety of colors and designs, arose a singular heraldry sprung from the imagination of fishermen, who wanted to distinguish themselves from each other, from Chioggia, where she was born, then spread along the coast of the Adriatic Sea.



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