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Oerlikon Contraves S.p.A. Rome Italy, the radar house of Rheinmetall Group, announces that the design and development of the new three-dimensional radar, named X-Tar 3D, is completed and it is on show for the first time at Eurosatory 2006.
In accordance with the program, the X-Tar 3D will be extensively tested in autumn to be ready for production in early 2007.
 X-Tar 3D is the evolution of the successful families of search and acquisition radar manufactured by Oerlikon Contraves and it is optimized for the detection and automatic tracking of air and surface of small and highly manoeuvring targets in clear as well dense ECM environment.

It is a fully coherent I-band pulse doppler radar; which provides an effective early warning to the associated weapon, cueing very accurately 3D data for fast target engagement.
The track-while-scan, the target classification, the automatic threat evaluation and with the support of the fully integrated IFF subsystem provide a real time complete local air picture, essential to perform a correct and effective air defence management and friend protection handling. The high refresh rate of the local air picture is obtained by the implementation radar antenna stacked beam technique, regardless the flying altitude of the target (from 0° up to 70° elevation, depending on the system configuration).

Thanks to the modular design and reduced weight and dimensions, it is suitable for installation on light mobile platforms.
The radar is available in different version (Short range, Medium range and Long range), depending on the applications, which typically are:
VSHORAD Command Post
X-Tar 3D-S and M versions, with 25 km and 30 km detection range respectively, are optimized to operate as the main sensor of a VSHORAD Command Post to alert, control and co-ordinate the associated weapons (gun and / or manpads).
SHORAD Command Post
X-Tar 3D-L is optimised to alert and coordinate SHORAD systems (pure missiles, guns or mixed weapon configuration) deployed in the tactical area to be defended, providing a very high detection probability at a range better than 45 km.

Regardless the radar system configuration, it is possible to exchange the Local Air Picture with other X-Tar radars operating in the same tactical scenario (Netting) and/or to exchange target data with the Air Operations Center (Early Warning and Gap Filler functions).
X-Tar 3D radar will be included in the proposals for the German SysFla project and for the Canadian MMEV program.



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