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Heliborne turreted gun TM 197B


The TM 197B TGS is a 20mm Gatling rapid-fire remote-controlled gun system intended for installation on combat helicopters to engage air-to-ground and close-range air-to-air combat actions. The turret is controlled in azimuth and elevation by the pilot or the gunner through a sighting helmet and a display sight system, and/or by means of the on-board combat system. The system arrangement is intended for a quick helicopter conversion and can be installed within 20 minutes without special tools.
The gun is electrically driven through a completely digital servo system with dc servomotors, servo amplifiers unit and digital transducers. No intermediate calibration is required. The gun is a lightweight, three-barrel, externally powered version of the 20mm Vulcan gun.
Two firing modes are possible: flexible and fixed. In the fixed mode the gun is oriented forward along the helicopter longitudinal axis; in the flexible mode it is sighted under the control of the pilot  or gunner.
An automatic burst-limiter stops firing after 15 rounds for each trigger actuation. Continuous burst firing up to the exhaustion of the boxed rounds is possible on gunner’s intervention. The gun firing interrupt system provides the automatic gun clearing.
The turret is operational within 3 seconds after switching on. In case of power supply failure, the gun returns to the fixed forward firing position where it is automatically locked
In the emergency stow position gun fire is possible; a warning indicator on the control panel alerts the gunner of the emergency stow position.
The turret can operate at a helicopter speed up to 140 knots and the gun position is maintained under all critical flight and manoeuvring conditions.

Caliber:                20mm
Rate of fire:                750 rds/min.
Ready-to-fire ammunition:        320 rounds
Angular coverage:            -elevation –50° to +20°
-azimuth     0° + 100°
weight (without ammunition):    180kg



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