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Modular Advanced Remotely-controlled Lightweight Naval   Weapon Station, this is the
Oto Melara Marlin-WS weapon which is based on the compact KBA gun caliber 25 mm.  or 30 mm.  Oto Melara has designed this weapon to be slaved to the ship's combat management system.
For fire control, a laser rangefinder and infrared daylight camera can be installed, along with a ballistic computer. This electro-optical system can be slaved to the position of the gun or alternatively be free-floating to allow the gun to be pointing in one direction while the gunner directs his gaze in another.

Moreover, the gun itself can move quickly, traversing at 140u/sec and elevating at speeds of 80°/sec.   An aluminium construction keeps the weight down and also reduces the gun's magnetic signature.



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