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Howitzer  FH70


The gun / howitzer FH-70 155mm was a tri-national program, involving Germany, the UK and Italy, which have joined forces to develop the weapon. The total needs of the participants was defined respectively at 212, 164 and 70 guns.
This powerful artillery (towed) is a weapon caliber 155 mm, with a maximum range of 24 km and 30 km with standard ammunition munitions with self-generating. It also has an auxiliary engine (VW 2000 cc petrol, speed of 16 km / h) for small movements necessary for short journeys or for a fast start position, also given the overall mass.

If Britain was to be the lead country for the development of the basic version (pulled), Germany had to be self-propelled, called SP-70 and based on a turret installed on the hull of a tank. Perhaps the problems with this particular arrangement, a negative self-propelled as the engine is back (where there should be the combat compartment), and high cost led Germany to exit the program, which ended in 1987.

In addition to the three original partners, the weapon is being deployed as well as Japan, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.



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