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Naval gun 76/62 S.R.S.

The 76/62 gun mount, here in the Rapid Stealth version, has been adopted by 51 navies throughout the world and over units have been produced by Oto Melara and its licenses.
The 76/62 Super Rapid is a major advance in gun evolution, that makes it more effective than other guns of similar calibre. The rate of fire (120 rds/min.) ensures the highest delivery of payload per unit time, the accuracy is at best levels and a large charge ammunition is available and under development (course corrected) for unrivalled growth potential.
The calibre is suitable for the incorporation of any available and relevant technology such as special fusing and guidance.
The gun, due to its size and weight, can be installed on any class of vessels, and it offers its best performances in anti-aircraft missile and surface actions, so resulting in unique multi-role capacity.
The Oto Melara 76/62 Super Rapid Gun Mount is a lightweight, rapid-fire gun characterized by a great flexibility being equally capable in the air and surface roles.
Particularly designed for anti-missile and anti-aircraft use as main-role, it is intended for installation on ships of any type and class, including small vessels (motor gun-boats).
The Mount is fully remote controlled, with automatic loading from an 80-round revolving magazine.
The complete Mount is a single piece installation and consists of a shank (below the weather deck), a turret on the main deck, and a servo-systems control and distribution box.  Feeding and loading systems are hydraulically operated through a self-contained hydraulic power unit on the Mount.
Firing rates are selectable between single shot and 120 rds/min.
The gun is characterised by a very low total dispersion.
Standard deviation experimental figures are less than 0,3mrad at 1000m per burst of 10 rounds fired at maximum rate. 76 mm ammunition has an optimized terminal effect in both the anti-air and anti-surface roles.
Turret rotation (training) is unlimited as off-mount connections are made through a slip-ring. Tracking is continuous with the intervention of an obstacle contouring and firing cut-out device.
With remote control, the gun can readily be Iaid on fast moving targets and the lay retained despite severe ship movements.
The Mount is unmanned. Rapid reloading of the revolving magazine is accomplished by two or three service men.

Rate of fire:                120 rds/min
Weight (without ammunition):    7500 kg
Ready-to-fire rounds:        80 (on gun mount)
Range, max :            20000 m
Cooling system:            sea water – fresh water for flushing



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