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Naval Gun  127/54 L.W.  (Light Weight)


The 127/54 L.W. is a 5-inch lightweight, rapid-fire gun mount intended for installation on major and medium size ships (corvettes) for surface fire and naval gun support as main role and anti-aircraft fire as secondary role. The gun feeding system compact configuration makes possible the installation on narrow-section craft.
The gun can fire all standard 5-inch ammunition with provision for guided rounds. A new ammunition (under development) with extended range shall increase the gun effectiveness to a range of more than 30 km.
Three modular automatic feeding magazines (1 for propelling charges, 2 for projectiles) permit to fire two different and immediately selectable types of ammunition. The magazine can be reloaded with the mount in operation.
Projectiles and propelling charges are hoisted separately at gun level from feeding magazines in ship ammunition deposit.
A composition station below the gun, selects the round immediately before it is taken by the gun automatic loading system.
Ammunition flow is reversible to automatically unload the rounds from the gun.
Feeding and loading systems are hydraulically operated through self-contained hydraulic power units. Servo systems are electric with plug-in modular electronics.

Rate of fire:            max. 35 rds/min.
Ready to fire rounds:    20
Elevation arc:        -15° to +70°
Weight:            25000 Kg (without ammunition)
Cooling system:        sea water



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