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105/14 howitzer

The howitzer 105/14 Model 56, was designed by Oto Melara after the war and adopted by artillery from the mountains instead of weapons spoils of war French and Austrian, from the First World War and survived the Second World War.
The weapon was a great success in exports. This is a very lightweight weapon, fitted with tires for towing and transport, disassembled can be transportable by  11 mules and towing of vehicles of the type AR (Campagnola or VM90). It 'also provided the capacity on snow, thanks to a special sled, driven by media type BV206. The weapon can also be used against tanks if necessary.
With the name change of artillery from the mountains to land artillery, in 2002 began the sale of this piece and replacing it with the FH70 that unlike all the predecessors used by artillery from the mountains, is a towed howitzer, not removable, not transportable with light vehicles or mules and certainly not suitable for use in the mountains.
The 105/14 survives as a reserve in some stores and three pieces still equip the 21 self-propelled Artillery Regiment "Trieste" using them only for tasks of representation.

Main features:
caliber:                105 mm.
length of gun:            14 caliber
weight in running:            355  Kg
range approx.:            10,200 m.(with grenade HE M1)
vertical shooting:             -5 ° to + 65 °
Track:                    1320 mm.
Rate of fire (rounds / min):        4 (max), 8 (exceptionally against tanks)
Notes:                    parachuted, towed by VM90 and AR



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