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VM 90



The multirole vehicle VM 90 is a military wheeled vehicle light off-road. It is a hybrid, somewhere between the tactical truck and SUV, manufactured by Iveco.
From this military version was subsequently also derived the civilian version 40E10 WM, designed for law enforcement and civil protection.
It is serving the Italian Army in three versions:

Version Torpedo
Torpedo version is the basic version, with the back sheet and capable of carrying 10 men, besides the driver. This version is suitable for tactical troop transport, but has no armour, among other uses, there is the possibility of pulling small artillery pieces or serve as a tactical command post.
It is used by all departments of the Italian Army since the service was used in all missions outside area.
Torpedo version is also supplied with ground forces of the Navy and those of Italian Air Force.

Version Protected
This variant is intended to deal with the need to ensure greater protection for staff. Protected version has a full armour, with a cockpit that replaces the rear platform with tarpaulin version of Torpedo. This cabin is equipped with armoured rear door, windows and holes to use the arms without exposing themselves and to trap-gun or other weapon.
The armour does not offer high protection, but was adopted as a temporary solution pending the entry into service of VBL Puma. The vehicle was taken from the experience in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope, and after an attack in Nasiriyah during the mission Ancient Babylon in Iraq, has been criticized for offering little protection to the crew.

Ambulance version
Ambulance version of the VM 90 Torpedo is a variation of terrain suitable for the transport of wounded and tactical level, which joins the ambulance version of the Fiat Ducato, also in the Italian Army.

General Characteristics:
No Cylinders:    4
Power:        73.5 Kw; 100 Hp to 3800 rpm
Length:        4500 mm
Width:            2000 mm
Height:        2483 mm
Drive:            Full, 5 speed
Speed:        102 km/h
No posts:        1 + 8
Range:        800 km



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