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Centauro VBM  “Freccia”

The new medium armored vehicle "Freccia", designed and manufactured by the Company Consortium Iveco Fiat-Oto Melara is the main platform of the new Brigade Terrestrial NEC and scanned the first vehicle to enter service in the Italian Army.
The Freccia, which belongs to the family of the Centauro, is a 8x8 that can carry 11 fully equipped men: a pilot, two tower operators and eight soldiers in the rear compartment.
The Freccia tower is armed with a 25mm fitted, as anti-tank, the missile launchers.
Wide rear ramp makes for easy and rapid boarding and alighting from the vehicle.
The modular ballistic protection along with mine that give the vehicle a unique mix of power and protection against individual weapons, light artillery and shrapnel as well as against anti-vehicle mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Production versions are also special command post, mortar and recovery.

Weight:            28 tons. in order of battle
Crew:                3 + 7 troops equipped infantry squad
Main armament:        25 mm. gun
Secondary armament:    1 machine gun. 7.62 mm, 8 launchers Spraying 80 mm.
Pointing devices:        day / night stabilized
Computer shot:        digital
Rangefinder:        laser
Protection:            integrated ballistics and NBC with air conditioning, alarm laser
Engine:            turbocharged diesel power with 550 HP (405 kW)
Transmission:        automatic No gears 5 + 2
Drive:                8 x 8
Maximum speed:        105 km / h
Steering:            three axes



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