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Land Rover 110 “VAV”


9thParachuteAssaultRegimentCol Moschin

The duties of this department are elite sabotage raids against high-value assets of the enemy operational and strategic objectives, infiltration behind enemy lines to indicate the position of targets, rescue hostages in war zones, the 'evacuation of civilian personnel from war zones, training of similar departments in other countries, the direction of fire air / land / sea against targets high-paying, intelligence activities in the field.

OPERATIONS: In addition to transactions such as those in South Tyrol in the 60s the department has done a lot of other transactions, some known, some less known, some others whose existence will remain forever secret, we can only do a little analysis of those referred We can not know. In 1982, the operational detachments are deployed in Lebanon to contribute to the mission of the United Nations, where it was used not in its primary role, but as a protection force for the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, only later went on missions of intelligence and of long-range patrols, even outside the Italian sector, in particular, according to some reports, the men of Col Moschin have eliminated a terrorist cell that was preparing an attack against the Italian contingent. In 1991 the rates were deployed in northern Iraq, as part of the mission Airone, where operators effettuarono joint patrols with U.S. Special Forces. In the early '90s, the Regiment was called upon to intervene in as many as two theaters: the 1994 Rwanda and Somalia from '92 to '94. Throughout the '90s, the department was engaged in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia, where the Col Moschin is used as a unit for monitoring of peace agreements and to identify and capture any war criminals. In 1999 it fell to East Timor to receive the "visit" of our raiders, when, following the peace mission that saw the Lightning were sent some detachments of the ninth regiment.
In 2001 he started the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, which is still in progress when the Col Moschin is responsible for ensuring the safety of the Italian contingent.
In 2003 the raiders start another mission in Afghanistan, as part of Nibbio1 and 2, which for nine months will operators engaged in direct action to destroy al-Qaeda cells and the remaining groups of Taliban operating in the area and Kowst Gardez.
In 2003 he began another important operating cycle, which lasts even now, with the deployment of a second operational detachments in Iraq, in the Nassiryah.




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