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Benefiting from Iveco’s extensive development work in the area of crew and vehicle survivability, the SUPERAV 8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier features a unique combination of performance, payload and protection.

Designed for sea operation in Sea State 2 and beyond, the new SUPERAV 8x8 is a medium weight vehicle capable of maintaining its amphibious capability even at high protection levels. A 500HP engine coupled to an automatic gearbox, a twin-shaft driveline design and fully independent suspension give it impressive mobility on any terrain. It can carry up to 12 dismounts plus the driver, and features advanced protection against direct fire, shell splinters, landmines and IEDs.
While the detailed technical specification of the vehicle will be unveiled later this year, it is anticipated that the SUPERAV 8x8 will be developed into a family including all of the normal combat support variants.

length:    7.9 m.
Width:        2.8 m.
height:    2.2 m.

Crew: 1 + 1 infantry squad (12 men)

Speed: 105 Km/h on land,  10 km/h  in water

amphibious operations:    25 tons. about
ground operations:        28 tons. about



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