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The Puma constitutes the new family of wheeled, light armoured fighting vehicles in production for the cavalry and infantry units of the Italian Army; there are two versions: Puma 4x4 and Puma 6x6.

Puma 4x4: 330 will be produced to equip the cavalry units of the scouting regiments so as to allow better support to the mighty “Centauro”.
Powered by an IVECO turbocharged diesel engine with 132 kW (180 HP), it is 5,1 m long and 2,09 m wide; it has a battle weight of 5,5 t, max speed of 100 km/h, road range of   800 km and can carry 6 soldiers plus pilot.      Armament consists of a 7,62 or 12,7 mm machine gun.

Puma 6x6: 250 will be produced to equip the most “dedicated” units of the Italian Army (airborne and mountain troops, marines). Fitted-up with the same mechanical components of the puma 4x4 (including the engine) it is 5,5 m long, 2,28 m wide; it has a battle weight of 7,5 t and can carry 8 soldiers plus pilot.     Armament will consist of the new BREDA 12.7 mm. machine gun remote control
Some different versions armed with mortar or antitank missiles are envisaged.

Both Puma can be hooked-up by CH-47 helicopters.



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