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The vehicles belonging to the new Multipurpose military range have been developed by Iveco Defence Vehicles Division with a special attention to the most recent requirements in the field of military trucks.

The new MMVs represent state of the art technology in their sector, as they incorporate:

  • Iveco diesel engines belonging to a new range, recently developed and fullfilling Euro 3 emission regulations.

  • Fully synchromesh manual transmission or, in alternative, an automatic transmission

  • Iveco full time 4x4 tranfer case with central lockable differential.

  • Iveco portal axles enabling an impressive ground clearance, thus contributing to the vehicle mobility.

  • Iveco military 3 seats cab, specially designed to allow air transport without preparation on C130 airplane.

  • application of armour panels, being equipped with a high resistance structure.


The MMVs offer a definite advantage to the end user in terms of:

  • high tactical mobility, due to the outstanding ground clearance and the favourable power to mass ratio.

  • high strategic mobility, being airportable without preparation.

  • protection to the personnel.



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