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Self propelled howitzer 149/40

In the 1942, Ansaldo decides to produce a prototype of a self propelled howitzer to be submitted to Regio Esercito. (Italian Army).
On the hull, which is derived from the P40, was mounted on the back, the 149 mm. gun.
Steering group and suspension were suitably hardened to support the weight of the cannon. Was propelled by a gasoline engine SPA 228 246 hp.
The prototype was ready in August 1943 and made some shooting tests in Genova, but due the particular political moment, no one of the requested 20 units was delivered and the project was abandoned. Few days after the shooting tests, the prototype was requisitioned by the Germans and moved by rail in Germany where it was found by U.S. troops and transferred to Aberdeen Proving Group.  In the winter of 2010/2011 the howitzer was relocated at  U.S. Army Artillery Museum of Fort Sill Oklahoma.

Maximum range:        almost 22 km.
Initial speed:            800 mt/sec.
Rate of fire:            1 shot per minute

The evidence of fire gave a good impression for stability and for the opportunity to work on all types of terrain.



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