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In 1940 the General Staff of the Italian Army developed plans for a new assault cannon based on the framework of the available medium tank cannon and the excellent 75mm L/18 Ansaldo.
To continue, in January of '41 Ansaldo-Fossati sent the first prototype of self-propelled 75/18 for the evaluation: a lower shell, trailers and suspension were similar to those of the tank 13/40 while in the upper shell was installed the cannon Ansaldo 75 mm in a frontal position and fixed.
After the positive test and trial, left the production in series and more than 400 units were built during World War II. Over time, the gradual development of the Medium Tank M 13/40, through the series M 14/41 and M 15/42 (the last with a refined diesel engine 190HP), created the best vehicles available for processing in guns assault.
The military operations of the 75/18 left in January '42 in Libya, and continued in various theaters of war until the end of the conflict, his performances were so good that since '42 the production of this model took priority over any another Italian armored vehicle.
The 75/18 proved to be very effective even against more powerful opponents, and it was unanimously regarded as the best armored deployed in substantial numbers during the Second World War.

Main features (75/18 hull of M 13/40)
Weight:         13.1 tonnes.
Length:         4.91 m.
Width:         2.28 m.
Height:         1.85 m.
Engine:         125 HP diesel SPA Fiat 8V, liquid-cooled
Max speed:         32 km / h
Crew:             3



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