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“DOVUNQUE 33” is born with the name of Fiat 612 in 1931, was the successor of the Fiat 611 Colonial.
Tests on the prototype have been shown the importance of this vehicle so was ordered the first  at the beginning of 1932.
Few months after its submission to the authorities, during the manoeuvres' s August 1932, the Fiat 612 has been renamed DOVUNQUE 33 (DOVUNQUE means "all terrain" or "off road").
The first specimens were assigned to the artillery regiments as vehicles for command and liaison. A special version is equipped with photoelectric projector 120 mm in order to increase the air defense of the national territory.

DOVUNQUE 33  went the first time in action during the war in Ethiopia.    Its all-terrain mobility was considered excellent, the spare tyres, placed on the side of the truck, could roll freely and overcome obstacles, avoiding the bump with the ground , but the engine just too powerful and not easy driving.
After requests for improvements will be the final version of this truck, DOVUNQUE 35, which introduced  to the Fiat Research Center Motors September 16, 1935.
But it was the SPA, a subsidiary of Fiat since 1926, which produced the 35 DOVUNQUE since 1936.
The new vehicle was equipped with suspension stronger than its predecessor, a more powerful engine (48-55 hp) and a hydraulic brake. The external appearance remained virtually unchanged except for some details.
On his frame were created many special versions: Mobile observatory, radio center,  photo development, armoured versions.
The DOVUNQUE 35 had its baptism of fire in Spain during the civil war, and then used during World War II, especially in North Africa and Russia.
During the German occupation, the SPA has continued to produce DOVUNQUE 35 for  the Wehrmacht:   307 trucks came from the assembly lines between January 1944 and January 1945.
Production continued after the war until the final radiation in 1950.

Features (Dovunque35):
Length:        5.03 m
Width:            2.07 m
Height:        2.90 m
Engine:        18T gasoline 4-cylinder 4053 cm3 developing 55 hp at 2000 rpm.
Weight:        4530 kg
Maximum speed:    50 km / h
Range:        1270 km



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