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AB43 Light armoured scout car
(Fiat Ansaldo)

Derived from AB41 in 1943 were ordered to Ansaldo AB 360 new concept called “AB 43 “.  In fact it was not anything other than the “AB 42”  with gun 47/32.

The first prototype was presented in May of that year, with the hull not yet in final form, was powered by a new 110 hp engine.
The vehicle was considered dangerous because of its high speed and poor braking, especially when driven by inexperienced personnel, also presents other problems: the infiltration of rainwater into connections between the sheets and the missing of protections for sand  in  the tower.

The final approval came in August 1943 and due to the events of September 8 was never produced in series. After the 'armistice was built for a German version too called  it “AB 43 203”,  which was  a hybrid with the hull of the old AB 41,  the new enlarged turret of AB42 and  with the engine of AB 43 weakened.
Some specimens were used with the R.S.I.



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