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AB40 Light armoured scout car
(Fiat Ansaldo)

The beginning of the African campaigns (conquest of Ethiopia) revelled how seriously the Italian Army was lacking in proper equipment and motor vehicles suitable for those difficulty countries.
In 1938, therefore, in the frame of a general modernisation and improvement plan, the Italian Army general staff fostered a new 4-wheel drive armoured car capable of good off-road mobility and high speed.
By resorting to the basic chassis with independent suspensions realised for the excellent Fiat-Spa TM40 4-wheel drive artillery tractor, the Fiat-Ansaldo group gave birth to a 4x4  light armoured car with a rotating turret displaying 2 Breda 38 M.G.S.; one more Breda 38 M.G. was in the hull back for the rear cover.
The armoured vehicle, powered by an excellent engine-gear transmission system, was characterised by 4 large diameter driving wheels which would help in overcoming protruding obstacles; further it was endowed with a reversing gear which allowed driving in both directions thus avoiding dangerous u-turns in case of ambush or sudden retreat.
Homologated in 1940 as A.B. 40, (where “40” stands for the year of construction), despite of good overall characteristics, the prototypes enlightened the inadequacy of the armament.

Main characteristics:
Weight (battle w.) :    7,6 tons.
Length:        5,2 mt.
Width:            1,93 mt.
Height:        2,48 mt.
Engine:        1 78-HP Gasoline Spa ABM-1
Crew:            3 or 4



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