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The M113 is the most wide spread AGPC (armoured general purpose carrier) ever built.
Series production started in 1960 in the USA and thereafter, under license, in many other countries.
License production was also undertaken in Italy by Oto Melara-Fiat (about 1500 of different variants have been produced since 1964).
A total of above 80000 have been made worldwide.
Designed to flank the MBTS on the battlefield, the M113 is amphibious, box-shaped, aluminium-alloy framed vehicle; regardless of its light armour it offers crew-protection against splinters of bursting shells, flames and small-calibre ammunition.
Thanks to its limited weight it can be parachuted and/or hooked-up by CH-47 helicopters.
After baptism of fire in Vietnam (1962) the M113 has taken part of so many conflicts all over. Though obsolete it still equips most of Italian Army’s mobile units. It will soon be replaced by the modern I.F.V., being produced by IVECO-Oto Melara (see DARDO and PUMA).

Italian made variants in service with the Italian Army:
VCC1 “Camillino” or M113 A1 Italian type (1974): developed from the most elaborate version of M113; it comes, infact, from the original M113 A1 (1970) modified so as to improve ballistic resistance of the hull and firing capability. This has led the standard APC (Armoured personnel carrier) to become a dangerous I.A.F.V. (Infantry armoured fighting vehicle).

VCC-2:        APC (Armoured personnel carrier)
M106/M125:        AMC (Armoured mortar carrier)
M548:            non armoured cargo carrier
M577:            ACCC (Armoured command communication carrier)
M901:            ITV (Improved tolo vehicle)
SIDAM25:        AADG (Armoured air defence gun)
SHORAD:        AADRV (Armoured air defence radar vehicle)

Characteristics (VCC-1 “Camillino”):
Diesel engine with 160 kw (215 HP) placed in the right front of the hull; battle weight: 11,6 t; max speed: 65 km/h; road range: 500 km.

Lenght:        5,04 m
Width:          2,69 m
Height:         2,03 m

Crew:          2 + 7



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