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The M109 is a vehicle extraordinarily important for the self-propelled artillery, introduced in the late '50s, the welded aluminium  hull  offers a good protection against small arms,  weight 28 tons and a caliber 155 mm howitzer characterized by a huge muzzle brake, with short barrel from about 23 gauge (14 km range).

The propulsion is provided by a diesel V8 with an output of 405 HP, which allows a maximum road speed of 60 km / h 25 km / h off road.
Can be made amphibious, but after a long preparation.
The M109 is present in almost all Armies of the world. In the mid 80s in the U.S.
there were over 2500 in Italy 260, 450 in Iran, nearly 300 in Switzerland.
The  M109L  is the result of  updating of  the M109G (between the late 80s and mid 90s)  with a gun with the same characteristics  of FH-70, with a range of about 24/30 km .

The rate of fire is four rounds per minute.
Weight: 28 tons. around (in order of battle)
Range: 320 km.

length of hull:    6.6 m
width:    3.3 m.
height:    3.3 m

Crew:    6 men.



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