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AAV7  Assault  amphibious tracked vehicle

The AAV7 is updated and improved version of LVTP7, vehicle of the ‘70s, which have improved the mechanical equipment and combat systems.
Armed  with a remote control turret with a machine gun Browning M-2HB cal. 12.7 mm. and 40 mm. MK-19 grenade launchers, it’s also protected by additional reactive armor.
The Italian Army Forces are equipped with the following vehicles:

30  AAVP-7A1    troop transport    (15 Italian Army and 15 Italian Navy)
  3  AAVC-7A1    command        (  2 Italian Army and   3 Italian Navy)
  2  AAVR-7A1    recovery tank    (  1 Italian Army and   1 Italian Navy)

The vehicles of the Italian Army are  in force at the “Lagunari” Regiment,  while the Navy’s vehicles are under the “San Marco” Regiment.
Of these 35 vehicles, 25 are former LVTP7 reconditioned by Officine Mechanical Goriziane,10 are new.
The propulsion is provided by a 14,800 cc. engine,  with a power of 368 kW (500 hp) at 2800 rpm, which allows a maximum road speed of 72 km / h  and 14 km / h  in water.

Autonomy of 510 km or 4 hours in water.
Maximum weight in battle order: 25.7 tons.


length:    8.16 m.
width:    3.31 m.
height:    3.31 m.

Crew: 1 +2 +  1 infantry squad (18 men)



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