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The ARIETE, the most modern and the most powerful armoured vehicle fielded by the Italian Army, is a new generation M.B.T. capable to compete with the latest tanks in service worldwide.
Development, based on an Italian Army’s outline specification, was undertaken by IVECO – Fiat group in 1984.
First delivered in 1998; 200 have been produced for the Italian Army.
Powered by an IVECO MTCA V-12 supercharged diesel engine with 937 kw (1200 HP) it has a battle weight of 55 t, max speed of 65 km/h, road range of 550 km.
Main armament is a 120 mm smooth-bore L 44 gun built by Oto Melara, which can fire APFSDS (Armour piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot) ammunition with extremely tense trajectories; one 7,62 mm MG is installed coaxially; another 7,62 mm ADGM (air defence machine-gun) is roof-mounted adjacent to the right hatch of the turret; 8 smoke dischargers are placed on the turret sides (4+4).
Thanks to the elaborate fire-control device and two-axis stabilisation system, the “Ariete” can fire in motion regardless of visibility conditions.

Hull length:    7,60 m
Width:        3,60 m
Height:    2,50 m

Crew:        4

Future developments:
To hold ARIETE performances to the top, the following mid-life updates are envisaged:
- A new IVECO V-12 supercharged common rail diesel engine with 1190 kw (1600 HP),
   already undergoing field tests;
- New additional armour protection;
- A new navigation, command and control digital system and a second generation fire-control system.



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