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There are only some of the works - small and big - created for the industry.

The construction techniques are different and mixed; in fact, this field is extremely wide and each work is a separate problem.
The most frequently used material is plastic, which according to me is the most simple and ductile material to be used for every type of work.
For promotional and advertising purposes, for some of these models, there is also and additional special use: the personnel or preparatory training.

Therefore, they must feature the maximum accuracy of details but, above all, a special attention to the operation of the machine and to the process of the working cycles.
While writing these notes a memory comes back to my mind: some years ago, an Italian industry, leading in the study and creation of hydraulic mechanisms and movements, “tried” to order me the construction of a model of a “revolver” system for the automatic loading of the torpedo release tubes of a new class of submarines.

I say that they “tried” because the Ministry of Defence posed so many limitations to the development of this model that at the meeting for the presentation of this system to the S.M. of the Navy the experts used technical drawings accompanied by:…….gestures!!



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