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The AW149 answers a growing demand for the next generation, affordable, multi-purpose medium class helicopter, for military and government agencies.

Fully digitised and with an open systems architecture (OSA) and fully integrated mission equipment,  the AW149 is designed for the modern battlefield.
With a rugged construction incorporating crashworthy features, such as up to eighteen crashworthy troop seats and excellent access and egress, the AW149 maximises survivability.

Twin engines ensure high performance in hot and high conditions. A 4-axis auto-pilot and advanced latest generation avionics system serves to minimise crew work load.

The aircraft can also be configured to carry a variety of weapons and stores on external carriers.

The AW149 is suited to battlefield support, combat SAR, reconnaissance, surveillance, medical evacuation, search and rescue (SAR) and command and control support roles.


Battlefield support:
The large, unobstructed cabin and baggage compartment provides the capability to accommodate up to 16 troops or 12 fully equipped soldiers.
With the external cargo hook, up to 2720 kg / 6000 lb of heavy equipment can be transported to the battlefield. Two large sliding cabin doors and 12.4 m3 of internal cargo space offer exceptional transport capability.

Command and control:
The spacious cabin gives the command staff an unprecedented workspace for C3 dedicated equipment and for 2 workstations.

Medical evacuation:
The 3 m long by 2.26 m wide and 1.45 high cabin provides the capability to accommodate 2 to 6 stretchers leaving enough space for 4 attendants and in-flight medical care equipment.

Searching and rescue:
For Combat Search And Rescue missions a rescue hoist and other specific mission equipment and armaments can be provided. CSAR crew concept envisages 2 pilots plus 2/4 crewmembers.



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