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Search and rescue crews will make good use of the AW139’s greater speed and higher useful load, while the aircraft’s exceptional OEI capability will bring added confidence during long flights over open water. The aircraft’s ability to take over pilot workload and operate in even the harshest environments will allow SAR crews to spend more time rescuing and less time searching.
AW139 rescue mission:

Time to reach the area: 20-150 min.
Rescue of 6 people: 45 min.
Reserve: 30 min

The new AW139, in the 6,000 kg helicopter class, will accommodate 15 passengers or 2,500 kg useful load….. at 290 km/hr, in the most spacious cabin and with power to spare.
The AW139 is designed for: offshore oil support, aero medical missions, corporate/VIP transportation or law enforcement and government agency operations.

With the largest passenger cabin in its class, it delivers maximum comfort and mission flexibility. The spaciousness of the AW139 offers the operator over 8 cubic meters for passengers or cargo.
The baggage compartment contains 3,4 cubic meters and is accessible from both inside and outside the passenger compartment. The unobstructed cabin provides ample room, a flat floor, and is accessible via two large sliding doors. The inherent design of the AW139 features full airframe crashworthiness, energy attenuating crew and passenger seats and low vibration levels.
Pilot workload is reduced thanks to excellent ergonomic design and handling characteristics.

Maximum cruise speed: 290 km/hr
Service ceiling O.E.I. (MCP): 2,926 m
Maximum range (no reserve): 750 km
Maximum endurance (no reserve): 3,9 hrs




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