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This is a light dual turbine helicopter.
Each one of the two Turbomeca ARRIEL 1 K1 motors is able to generate 770 SHP, thus offering completely new employing possibilities for flight operations at considerable heights and high temperatures.

Originally developed as a heli-ambulance and rescuing aircraft in the mountainous regions of Switzerland (AW109 K2 REGA), today it is the only helicopter certified for operating without limitations to its useful load, from critical heli-surfaces or terraced heliports in densely populated areas according to the severe rules of the “A CATEGORY”.

The AW109 K2 is therefore able to operate with maximum efficiency for rescue missions at considerable heights as well as in urban areas starting from the heliports on the hospitals roofs.

The high performance and operating capacities in difficult climatic conditions made of it a potential instrument also for military operations in hostile environments.



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