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The AW101 is the most advanced model offered today by the helicopter making industry, for its technological contents as well as for its performance.
Developed by Agusta in collaboration with the British Westland, this helicopter is able to satisfy the most different military and civil requirements ensuring operating savings which no other helicopter of its class can offer.

Since the beginning of the project, the AW101 has been conceived in three basic versions:
“Naval” to satisfy the requirements of the Italian and English military navies.
“Utility” with rear loading track for military and civil employment.
“Passengers” for “commuter” service and support to off shore platforms.

The AW101 incorporates an integrated avionic system of the latest generation and it is equipped with three motors.

The AW101 has been developed to be the most powerful naval arming system for the fight against conventional submarines and nuclear submarines and it is able to operate autonomously or together with naval units.
The AW101 is able to operate from ground bases when due to the meteorological conditions the use of coast naval units is not possible.
Furthermore, it satisfies all the requirements needed for carrying out anti-ship missions, advanced aircraft discovery, electronic war, research and rescue and mine countermeasures.

The use of aircraft is the answer to the needs of the modern battle theatre where the success of the missions is above all guaranteed by transportability and helicopter support.
The EH 101 can transport 30 completely equipped men, thanks to its wide loading door and rear track.
Furthermore, its spacious cabin allows NATO standard light vehicles, artillery, munitions and pallets to be loaded, and various goods and loads to be transported up to a maximum of 5 tons.

Suitable for flights in adverse atmospheric conditions, the EH 101 can transport up to 30 passengers ensuring the comfort of a scheduled flight thanks to an active vibration control system and low noise levels.

Thanks to the redundancy of the systems, the safety offered by the EH 101 reaches the maximum levels obtained today by rotary wing machines, ensuring lower costs with respect to them.

Furthermore, the helicopter can operate in the offshore oil sector, in research and rescue missions as well as in any civil emergency. The program of ground and flight tests is one of the most complete and extended executed by the helicopter industry and can guarantee that the EH 101 goes into operation with experimented maturity and reliability levels.



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