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First of all, a short introduction.

A diploma of electro-technical expert obtained in 1972, employed for 12 years at an important plant engineering company firstly as a design engineer and afterwards as a prime contractor.

After many business travels in Italy and abroad visiting petrochemical yards, shipyards, iron and steel yards and nuclear yards, I have decided to combine the experience acquired during these years with my natural inclination towards artistic drawing and manual creativeness - always practised as a hobby - for graphic art and model-making.

Then, on 1st March 1986 the Studio Grafico CARLO BARDELLI was founded. Its main purpose is to produce exploded drawings, vertical sections, painting anticipations and construct in all scales models and relief models for all types of industrial as well as civil requirements. Our principal aim is the maximum correspondence between my work and the reality of the original subject.
The fruits of this constant research are the results and success obtained until now, which have confirmed the high quality, seriousness and great passion which are my distinctive features.

Finally, I can state that my best guarantees are, in addition to a clientele counting big names, the certainty to do my best and the will to increasingly improve my work.



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